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        “Creativity is a drug I cannot live without."  

~Cecil B. DeMille

 Connect. Collaborate. Inspire. Create.

Photography is a creation process that connects us to ourselves, the world around us, and others.  It is in the space of  shared connections where we can present our visions, tell our stories and collaborate.  Then, when we open ourselves to possibilities, we make room for inspiration and creativity flows from there.


Creativity has always been a part of my life.  I used to draw as a child and teenager and would get lost in the medium.  I'd draw the "Ghoulies", a race of miniature people that inhabit a make-believe two-dimensional world and I'd share that with my cousin who lived thousands of miles away.  We'd "snail mail" them to each other which would inspire the other to create even more. Drawing also consisted of capturing other  renderings or works of art which taught me to look for the details in everything.  When I became an actor, which still remains a passion, I learned so much more: I learned how to creatively problem solve and to get the job done right.  It taught me about motivation and commitment . Acting taught me to be flexible, adaptable, to work in an ensemble and to work independently. The theater taught me to respect authority and to speak my mind when the time is right.  Working within a deadline, staying focused, being goal-oriented, leadership skills and having fun in whatever job I do are other priceless gifts I have been given.  I owe so much to the training I received and all that training has translated into work as a photographer.  And I learned about photography the old fashioned way, with a 35mm camera and developing my own work in a dark room. 

I love how the medium of photography can bring us together to create. And it doesn't matter in what form it takes, whether it be portraiture, headshots, landscape, real estate, weddings...whatever.  There is always a conversation going on and therefore a connection which then leads to...well, you know the rest  by now. 


So, why hire me?


My mission - commitment to always deliver the best imagery possible and in the agreed time frame.  I bring a strong work ethic, my Nikons and gear, a lifetime's creativity and my 30 years as an entertainment industry professional .


Headshots, portraits, business/commercial photo, pet imagery, real estate still, or fine art visuals  - let's connect

and create something memorable. 



 “The most important things in life are the connections you make with others.”   

~ Tom Ford

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